A shady topic – Burglars and thieves

  There have been multiple sightings of potential burglars in my garden, i’m sure anyone reading will have had a similar experience at some point or may even have felt the effects of being burgled. Having previously worked in a public services field where I came into contact with many who had committed burglaries, it … Read more


Being a Locksmith

I was on the bus home the other day, and this gentlemen was sat in front of me with who appeared to be his young son. He started talking to his son about locks and how they work. He said something along the lines of “yeah well you know how locks work, when you put … Read more


Locksmith prices: A basic guide

  Most locksmiths have good levels of integrity, and want the best for you. However I wrote this small UK guide to ensure that you the client, choose the right locksmith, avoid the pitfalls and simply get the best service and rate for yourself. How much will it cost if i’m locked out? -If the … Read more

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